Is Renue Derma Scam or Fake?

Do you love chocolate? Then a more pleasant skin care cleansing and nourishing cream. Profusely skin refreshes and revives. Sweet heady scent in turn will make home care with Renu Derma, full of vitamins suitable for all skin types. It is an intense toning effect renowned. They are a rich storehouse of valuable vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrients. Moisturize the skin and get rid of impurities. The Renu Derma is also including soothing Aloe Vera and vanilla extracts. Clean and smooth complexion has a healthier appearance.


It is a perfect to clean normal or oily skin prone to clogging of skin pores (blackheads syndrome). It effectively cleans pores and removes excess sebum. Its detoxifying effect of reinforcing orange extracts high in vitamin C. It contains all the important minerals and vitamins that skin needs. It is a certified natural cosmetic brand popular all over the world. This product is suitable for vegans.


Renu Derma for sensitive skin

The skin disease can feel quite uncomfortable and sometimes surprising. Especially if there is a small baby in the family that have not previously faced such skin diseases. The child is often more sensitive as young as a few weeks, usually from day to day. Most often in the face of so desired place of healthy smooth skin covers a little face red and inflamed skin. After the initial shock fortunately, parents are using Renu Derma to properly treat affected skin of the child and also adhere to other measures that, if possible, minimize the symptoms of this skin disease.

In skin disease to sensitive skin, red rash spreads rapidly across the face from ear to eye and gradually cover the entire face. Some parts are also quite swollen, so basically you can not open eyes sometimes. It was a pitiful sight. The specialists in the care of skin advise Renu Derma, but almost no compromises with eczema. It is only when the mast with moderate amounts of corticosteroids could help to begin with. As well as a variety of milk and other skin oiling make children good sweat. Home sweating can be eliminated rather colder room temperature and fewer layers of clothing. What is important is using Renu Derma a quality skin care serum. If the cause of eczema is not known, the foundation of care for a child with Renu Derma consists mainly of a set of dietary measures, and if possible eliminates dust mites and other most common allergens.

Parents also were advised to continue taking care of the child with Renu Derma to severe symptoms of eczema if possible not returned. For atopic are basically all conventional taboos perfumed soaps, bath foams, shampoos and shower gels, which distorts the protective barrier of the skin. Dermatologists also put in the context of a significant increase in the consumption of detergents and the associated frequency applies this serum to the number of patients with atopic dermatitis during the last years.


The price of Renu Derma is not yet known and important ingredients are:

  • Urea
  • Unsaturated fatty acids
  • Aloe vera extract
  • Vanilla extract
  • Orange extract
  • Vitamin A, E
  • Calcium salt
  • Extracts of chestnut
  • Ginseng extract
  • Grape seed oil
  • Avocado


Renu Derma removes skin sweat

For atopic people with healthy skin, most doctors recommend Renu Derma. It not only dissolves well and removes from the skin sweat, sebum and dirt, but also softens the skin and well treated. It is advisable to use slightly warm water before application, not hot, that unnecessarily irritates the skin. Eczema itself is not contagious, but atopic skin is more susceptible to colonization by pathogenic microorganisms than the skin of a healthy person. Therefore, it is good to keep using Renu Derma to avoid infecting the skin. The child is required to dry by gently tapping, excessive friction can cause skin irritation.

The basis of skin care for atopic individual is lubrication. It is a hypo-allergenic lotion. However, despite this designation is also good to pay attention to the individual components specific cosmetics. This hypoallergenic cream is designed for sensitive skin containing urea. Renu Derma with urea is not only suitable for large-scale grown promos skin but also for young children until about three years. It will not hurt them, but often the product of urea bite and irritating. It is recommended for small children preparations with a high content of bodily substances – unsaturated fatty acids that promote recovery and stabilization of the protective skin barrier.

While most small people tend to have eczema on the face and neck, where it eventually spreads to the trunk and extremities, some usually move below the elbow and polite holes underneath the buttocks. These places usually cover most of the day with wear, but which can irritate the skin. It is therefore necessary to carefully using Renu Derma regularly. It needs to try it, and for many people it keeps fit, for example, most of pantyhose. They can replace the cotton skirt for girls and underpants for boys. It is also important initially carefully choosing detergents and avoiding fabric softener.

Renu Derma for winter season

During the winter, the skin is exposed to cold weather outside and the dry air in the hot buildings. Facing frost, wind, moisture and dry air, it is therefore more sensitive and faster irritating. Therefore, we should take more attention to skin care in winter. When the outdoor temperature drops below 8 ° C, the sebaceous glands in the skin decrease production of lipids to a minimum. In freezing weather, we choose Renu Derma as a day cream rather greasy, nourishing and protective creams (water-in-oil). It protects the skin from cold and better maintains skin moisture.

A fat film prevents the evaporation of water, so that the skin remains supple and also unnecessarily chilling. Evaporation of water is always also means an increased heat loss, cooling and also damage to the skin surface.

Dense cream you’ll need particularly in extreme climatic conditions: in the mountains, in high frost, during a long stay outdoors or in harsh wind. Under normal conditions, when the skin is exposed to cold or freezing temperatures, we can use Renu Derma that best suit your skin type. The ideal is to use it at a time when we are home during the day, or apply at night.


Renu Derma – A special care to lips and hands

The red lip area contains sebaceous or sweat glands, and therefore suffers especially during the cold season. Part of every handbag should be Renu Derma nutritious serum, preferably with SPF in case of visits to the mountains. Hands where we see often over-dried backs, we should more often macerate and unnecessarily expose them to frost (wear gloves). The skin around the nail in the winter often gets painful cracks and fissures arise. For better effect, we can then also rub the serum into a nearby nail.

This serum in the winter dampness promotes skin – increased sebum production. For the deterioration of the skin in the winter is also the weakened immunity and lack of vitamins. To cool the skin for action, use it with light makeup, which performs in the winter just two functions. Renu Derma covers the bumps and pimple and gives your face a fresh color and tone. Protective when the combination of the base and the natural pigment creates a kind of nepotism against the harmful influences of the external environment. It can also be combined with anti-acne skin in morning.

If you suffer from acne, keep in mind that you follow the cleaning with Renu Derma, do not expose the skin into the cold outdoors immediately, but only after 15-30 minutes. Makeup and skin acne treatments can sometimes cause skin irritation and redness. This combined with the dry cold air often leads to discomfort. Generally, it is suitable for summer and winter we go for greasy foundations that perform better protective function. For people with acne skin, it is to avoid deterioration super fatted skin and acne. It is the ideal choice with protective functions.

Renu Derma for dry skin

The skin of a healthy person is able to maintain a sufficient amount of water to be flexible and able to protect the organism against environmental influences. Excessive dryness of the skin suffers from quite a few people and connected with many dermatological disorders such as atopic eczema or psoriasis (psoriasis). The skin become dry because of dry air, or by staying in an air conditioned environment. A separate chapter is then drying of skin on the hands due to detergents and other resources used for example during cleaning or washing dishes. The dryness of the skin also contributes to dehydration. Other causes include uncontrolled diabetes, decreased thyroid function, use of certain medications, lack of vitamins (especially vitamin C) and minerals (zinc). Dry skin deteriorates with age, but also in winter.

Rule number one in the care of dry skin is Renu Derma, a lubrication moisturizing cream, ideally with vitamins A and E. The regeneration of the skin also contributes calcium. Dial preparations which do not contain dyes, perfumes and preservatives which would increase the risk of irritation or allergic reactions. Avoid washing with scented soaps and shower gels, which could irritate the skin and even more dry.

Dry skin troubles many people. The problem contributes to the cold weather, frequent soaking, dry air and stay in air-conditioned environment, stress, contact with detergents and many other factors. If you have been blessed with dry skin, prone to itching, burning and cracking, it needs to take proper care. The base is regular lubrication with Renu Derma. It does not contain water and is very oily, making it an ideal protection of the skin in cold and freezing weather. It is designed to lubricate dry and very dry skin and its revitalization. Also prevents dehydration of the skin. It certifies not only as a barrier cream to protect against inclement weather, but also for long-term care at some pediatric dermatomes. It is suitable both for adults and for infants and young children. Can it be treated not only the facial skin, but also on the hands, feet, elbows and knees.

How Renu Derma protects the skin?

The included vitamin A promotes skin regeneration and increases the resistance of the skin against infection. Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant and as such plays a vital role in combating the damage caused by free radicals. Improves skin properties and counteracts its aging. Calcium is a mineral essential for promoting the healing of minor wounds and cracks and abrasions on the skin. It contains parabens, fragrance and preservatives.

Men’s skin is indeed stronger than the woman, but in addition to the negative effects of the environment and the onslaught of everyday stress weakens it is also very frequent shaving. For this reason, men should care for your skin and neglect from time to time to indulge encouragement in the form of high-quality cosmetics. Natural cosmetics Renu Derma now offers a new range of care specifically for men’s skin, which is also a great tip for a Christmas gift for the modern man.

Men’s skin is due to frequent shaving, which opens pores and skin loses its natural moisture, prone to dehydration and irritation. The natural cosmetics Renu Derma ensure adequate hydration, health and natural look. We know that men are not too fond of perfumed cosmetics and discouraging even for difficult applications or oily appearance, for example, after using a skin cream. This skin care serum for men has a very light texture, absorbs quickly and creates a pleasant feeling of cleanliness.

The skin cream after shaving with extracts of chestnut and ginseng extract, bearberry and chestnut delivers antibacterial effects. Thanks aloe, calendula and ginseng regenerates, moisturizes and minimizes reddened place after shaving. It is not intended just shaved the place, but it is ideal nourishing tonic. The extracts of nettle and raspberry have a toning effect and chamomile Calendula acts again calming effect. Grape seed oil and avocado soften and promote overall skin regeneration. Renu Derma with natural masculine scent contains extracts of Ginkgo biloba, which has toning capabilities, reduces the signs of premature aging and promotes skin. Ginseng moisturizes, rejuvenates and reduces skin loss.


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