Is Provillus Scam or Fake?


Having problems with hair loss is very common nowadays. It is increasingly common to see people having a real blow when faced with the effects of baldness in their appearance. Of course, before something always we seek something that can prevent or minimize the effects.


Currently, there are a variety of recipes and methods that promise to take care of hair loss available to all that have money and time to afford a test. But the difficulty is that many of us have no money to invest in a treatment whose result can not be good enough. In fact, there is a scientific study about supplements that help in hair reconstruction and are FDA approved. But, on the other hand, there are others that promise speed, efficiency, and practicality as well as require an investment to reach the most pocket. One such method is the Provillus.

Do you not know the product? So find out now what it is and get all your questions on the subject:

What is Provillus?

It is a dietary supplement composed of minerals and vitamins that promise to stimulate hair growth and prevent the fall of the wire, acting to strengthen the existing wires in a simple, fast and practical way.

To ensure that the Provillus is efficient, it promises the following benefits:

  • Rejuvenate the capillary pores:
  • Strengthen the follicles and strands of roots:
  • Reduce hair loss by up to 80%
  • Stronger and healthier hair

The principle of the supplement is to work baldness solution acting from the inside out. This is because the creams and lotions, hair does not always have a good effect due to the fact provide only the external action as the scalp can not offer a satisfactory absorption capacity for these cosmetics. When working on the hair follicles, it just solving the problem generated by fat absorption and becomes able to provide more effective results.

The set of many ingredients present in Provillus, including among them folic acid, biotin, and other choline are effective for the resolution of cases of male pattern baldness. To be ingested, they work to strengthen the present wires, reducing the aggression suffered in the day-to-day, avoiding their fall and making them more beautiful and healthy, and stimulate new hair growth.

Provillus reduce baldness and hair loss naturally

The Provillus is a natural supplement that has ingredients that act at the molecular level and which aims progressively to reduce the process of baldness and hair loss natural, safe and discreet, making it progressively stronger and thicker.

This innovative product has been developed by scientists in Oxford specialized laboratories Biolab and works at the molecular level, helping the essential nutrients to reach the strands of hair. Besides become noticeably thicker hair, promotes the growth of new healthy hair and improves the health of existing hair. It helps nourish thinning hair, strengthening all the hair from root to tip.

As it contains no gluten, artificial ingredients or preservatives can be used by vegetarians. Provillus is also recommended for those who are at an early stage of androgenetic alopecia, the most common cause of hair loss.


  • Vitamin B-6
  • Biotin
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Proprietary blend
  • Nettle
  • Pumpkin Seed
  • Eleuthero Root
  • Uva – Ursi
  • Muira Puama

How Provillus works?

The development of Provillus was made having regard to the biological processes responsible for hair growth: each follicle has potassium channel carrying the potassium and other nutrients essential for the follicular membrane. In the end, there is some wear on these channels, which gradually prevents the transport of nutrients and potassium, which are vital to the membrane. The result of this wear is a loss of hair in men and women.

The goal is Provillus help the potassium channels are already “tired and slow”, by mixing purified L-Carnitine, Potassium and nicotine acid, which combination helps keep hair growth at the molecular level.

Clinical studies of Provillus

Clinical studies conducted by scientists Oxford Biolabs revealed that nine months after the start of use of the Provillus, the hair count in an area of 2 × 2 cm was an increase of 35.1%.

The hair became 22.5% thicker, and changes in terminal hair (thicker yarn), on the comparison with “vellum” (shorter, thin wire) was 23.2%. Among those who used this method, there was a 7.8 satisfaction rating on a 0-10 scale.

The same studies, but carried out in individuals who used the treatment for 18 months showed an 8.6 satisfaction rating. The hair count increased by 49.2%, the thickness of 38.7% and changes to terminal hair level achieved results of 36.4%.

This Provillus study included 59 participants (47 men and 12 women).

Feedback from Provillus consumers

The Provillus has had excellent feedback from consumers.

In addition to great reviews, users recognize their extremely positive effects in combating baldness and hair loss. As with other supplements, the results are vary from person to person, but should begin to be visible after 12 weeks of use.

So that the objectives are achieved, the supplement should be taken at least six months and the use made of prolonged and regular basis. Inconsistent use of this product thereof in a short time limit their effectiveness.

Also noted that the Provillus is not subject to medical prescription medication and in the case of doubt as to their use should consult a health professional.

Provillus has contraindications?

So far there are no reports of side effects that can be associated with the use of the supplement. However, for the sake of security, it should be that pregnant women, breastfeeding women and minors do not apply the product.

It is also indicated that the stakeholders do not make the treatment of supplementation on their own but under the supervision of a professional.

How to use Provillus?

Treatment with dietary supplementation of Provillus is with the recommendation to apply it once a day – with the possible increase in dose should be indicated by an endocrinologist or dermatologist. The first results can be seen in the first month of consumption, but the most noticeable results can be noticed after ten weeks.

The principle is no need to restrict consumption of any food, but the results of Provillus always are best if the person concerned to maintain a balanced diet. Similarly to be careful with the use of hair care products have proper hygiene and avoid times of stress collaborate to maintain the results.

Remember that Provillus is not “cure” the problem, but attenuates the damage that daily aggressions cause the wires, so the best indication is to make continued use of the supplement to ensure effective treatment and maintain the results achieved during the first months of use.

Provillus is guaranteed?

This treatment is a simple, safe and does not interfere with daily routines for users. If you are concerned with the idea of like or dislike the product, know that Provillus has guaranteed “100% satisfaction” that promises the following: after three months of regular treatment you do not like the product or not satisfied, the company ensures the return of the money spent on the acquisition of the supplement without any bureaucracy, contact the company and follow the instructions for returning the product, even if the bottle is empty.

What is the price of Provillus?

After providing basic contact data and personal data (your Social Security number is required, but do not worry because asking CPF in online shopping is a standard procedure and there is nothing suspicious about it), you will find the offers of Provillus, I’ve listed them below:

  • 1 Months Supply – $40
  • 2 Months Supply – $70

Where can I buy Provillus?

The supplement can be found for sale over the internet at the Provillus official website. Simply log in, fill the required data and wait for a custom quote (can enter your CPF without problems, it is a standard procedure for online purchases). Through the same site, you can also ask for answers to any questions you might have about the supplement and also warranty and forms of payment, such as the Koran Postpaid.

The Postpaid Kong is one of the only models similar in operation in Latin America. With it, you pay for Provillus only after delivery, without this change the time of arrival of your order or have additional costs. In the case of interest in this type of payment, you will receive instructions via email to facilitate the most of your transaction.

You can pay the product on the docket (Join Postpaid) or credit card.

Remember if:

Hair loss is a common problem which solutions available are not always suitable for all cases. As Provillus is a dietary supplement, it is important to seek a dermatologist and an endocrinologist to have the notion that the use of the product is a suitable solution for you, and the consumption of the supplement is indicated without damage to the body. After all, the vanity should not take forward the health concern.

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