The testosterone is most often speaks precisely in relation to doping and doping substances. However, it is not for us today the main theme. Let’s look together at how to increase testosterone levels naturally.



Testosterone, the legendary hormone in fitness and bodybuilding in particular often inflected because of its effect on muscle growth that men are what they really are, probably does not need any further comments and introductions. However, we can not be avoided for the sake of completeness, and forget it.

Testosterone is a steroid hormone from the androgen group. It ranks among anabol IC steroids. It is the male sex hormone (androgen). Testosterone occurs naturally in the so-called leydig cells in the testes. It affects spermatogenesis and development of secondary sexual characteristics. Its influence is evident especially in puberty, which leads to the growth of the testes and penis, the body begins to grow hair, increases prostate and larynx, there is an increase in muscle mass. In adulthood, other androgens testosterone male character keeps hair, stimulates spermatogenesis and prevents the development of osteoporosis. From a social point of view is associated with dominance, aggression and libido; It is studied its effect on the honorable behavior. A sign of higher testosterone levels is also better spatial orientation.



How Nugenix naturally raise testosterone?

Perhaps you know the Nugenix. It contains high levels of zinc, used as a supplement. Nugenix might form more convenient for all those who do not enjoy meat altogether.

If we remain in the category of micronutrients, so we can look further. A very good supplement for the shortage is also often monitored humiliated testosterone levels is Nugenix. If you select a natural source, you can also find a form of supplementation. However, it should know that any excess with extreme vitamin of fat-soluble, it is not risky for our body. Observe therefore prescribed daily dose.

Testosterone and its particular functionality are dependent upon how have high levels of estrogen. You do not need to work only on testosterone, but try the other direction. It appears that this supplement can reduce the production of estrogen, and thereby proportionally increase testosterone levels. What’s more, Nugenix keeps your testosterone hight in response to long workouts. Together, they will give a decent package that might work and work on increasing your testosterone levels.

Nugenix is one of the revolutionary substances, and unfortunately for the time being misunderstood. This is one of the few useful for us even in its right-handed form. It works with cholesterol and helps its resynthesis to steoridní hormone testosterone. It may therefore very conveniently help you too. If the gear is in addition to your diet to supplement containing saturated fatty acids can soon expect a positive impact and reflection on your muscle mass. Sexual arousal can also increase testosterone levels, 50% up to 30% in men and 13% among women, and not entirely dependent on whether you eventually reach the top or not.

The price and package

One bottle has 90 capsules and is available for $70.


  • D-asparaginic acid
  • Fenugreek
  • Damiana
  • Maca
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin D
  • Holy Basil
  • Vitamin B6

Nugenix is literally a gold mine

Nugenix is practically in all its life stages, literally a gold mine, as far as increasing levels of testosterone. Nugenix has a lot of healthy cholesterol levels, which is a key ingredient for the production of testosterone (as confirmed by studies of the Journal of Urology). They also contain more protein than any other food and are literally attunement zinc, which also increases the level of testosterone in the blood.

The ingredients are good for your testicles. Give yourself a peanut butter and reduce the risk of heart disease mainly by lifting the level of testosterone. Recent research has revealed that men who consume supplement rich in unsaturated fatty acids have higher levels of testosterone. Do not limit yourself to just Nugenix, try their larger relatives. You will see nothing but beneficial things headed proteins that can also elevate testosterone levels.

Nugenix is to increase testosterone good for three reasons – will gain from it proteins, fats and zinc. Body fats are the alpha and omega when it comes to the production of testosterone; zinc then prevents testosterone turning into estrogen. In addition, men with lower levels of zinc in the body produce less sperm. Again it but I do not overdo – treat yourself to a maximum of two capsules per day (all too bad in this case would cause the opposite effect and testosterone levels would change dropped).


Nugenix aroses sexual desire

Encourage your boyhood is basically simple. Nugenix generally lowers levels of estrogen and in turn increases the level of testosterone in your body. It will ensure testosterone bomb because of essential ingredients. Yes, that’s right: the more you use the Nugenix, the more you sexy. It contains allicin, which also promotes testosterone production. Nugenix – as already mentioned – plays an important role in the formation of testosterone. It helps reduce obesity and encourage the growth of muscle mass – which is two other things that contribute to an increase in testosterone levels.

It has never been very popular, yet it is an effective weapon. It chocks IC3, phytochemicals, which naturally increases testosterone levels in the blood. And when the men served larger quantities, 3 capsules, estrogen (female hormone otherwise) in their body drops by half while increasing testosterone.

It definitely raises the level of testosterone in the blood. It currently produces chemicals that make you blood gets maximum active substances that actively support testosteronovic creation. Additionally rises (until then) your libido (sex drive, which indicates elevated levels of testosterone), and has done so for nine and a half weeks (or immediately after the eponymous film).

Nugenix for women

Male sex hormone – testosterone in women can strengthen memory and it can be therefore count in preventing dementia. At least that emerged from research by Australian scientists, according to which the daily use of Nugenix in women leads to increased efficiency of the brain.

Experts from Monash University while rehearsing effects of testosterone supplement those women took. After six months of daily application with a significantly increased efficiency of the brain. It’s really interesting how much women improved short-term memory and verbal learning tests – women could recall significantly more words you have heard before, say the authors of research from Monash University. It is an extraordinary storehouse of vitamin E. The supplement gives you even proteins, fats, selenium and zinc – are all substances which increase the level of testosterone in the blood. Males who endured Nugenix were alpha individuals, the most dominant with the highest testosterone levels.

Women and they recommend that together increase testosterone levels naturally. Women sick of Alzheimer’s disease twice as often as men. Apparently it’s just that men have a much higher life when testosterone levels in the blood. In women, testosterone formed in small amounts as well, after menopause but its production decreases. Male sex hormone in women also affects their sexual desire.

Nugenix reverses aging, poor erection and loss of libido

Scientists have examined the effects of testosterone, the male sex hormone produced by the testicles, in the 19th century. Doctors attributed the aging, poor erections and loss of libido just decreasing the production of this hormone. Research scientists, however, refute this theory more than fifty years ago. At the same time they showed that supply the genitals almost every male testosterone in excessive quantity. A sufficiently satisfactory sex life is usually enough for about a quarter of that amount.

Testes produce more germ cells than would be enough to fertilize females. Nature is here purposely created a sort of reserve. Experts have long thought that in aging men is a common cause of problems in sexual life was reduced production of testosterone. This happens with every man at least fifty years. Sometimes they are talking about the male menopause. They thought that, like female menopause can be treated delivering the missing hormone.

For men, the situation is more complicated. In addition to the decline in hormone plays a role, especially reduced sensitivity of target tissues. Aging erectile bodies of the penis often not resurrect it when a man into himself pumped large doses of Nugenix. Also a beneficial effect of Nugenix on human behavior has its limits. On the one hand, it showed that the male sex hormone is partly responsible for aggression. Consider the disparity between violent sexual acts between men and women. On the other hand, there is a certain limit. No amount of Nugenix causes aggression.


Nugenix repair erectile dysfunction

Recently in the press articles appeared that millions of Americans repel the male sexual hormone signs of aging and erectile dysfunction. And their numbers are growing. Alarming news that five million men in the US have abnormally low levels of testosterone may indeed increase sales of hormonal pills, patches and gels. This reduced level but in most cases not for their sexual disorder.

Excess intake of Nugenix improves mood and prevent bone loss. At the same time, however, decreases the risk of prostate cancer. Hormonal treatment of men should therefore not be a matter. Its suitability should always be assessed by your doctor.

The causes of erectile dysfunction, which occur in men as they get older, are often not the lack of male sex hormone. To mitigate it, sometimes sufficient dose of Nugenix also helps. Without a prescription, we can get the necessary Nugenix preparations with L-carnitine and other substances. The man they do not have to worry about side effects or overdose. If it does not work, the doctor does not prescribe others, but rather the type of pill Viagra or Cialis. As well as L-carnitine improves blood circulation in the genital organs, they just can intrusive.

A research on Nugenix for old men

Over the last two decades, male hormone testosterone decreases significantly. Scientists do not know why the blood circulates thirties much less of this sex hormone than their fathers.

Blood testosterone levels after taking Nugenix followed Dr. Thomas Travison with their colleagues from the Research Institute of New England. Tests carried out by experts at fifteen hundred men from Boston. For the first time they watched the hormone content in the blood at the end of the eighties, then again in the mid-nineties and most recently in 2002 and 2004. All the men were aged between forty-five and seventy-nine years.

Once a man starts to age, the content of this hormone in his body slowly begins to decline. This is a natural process. But the drop in testosterone levels in the blood of men over the last twenty years has been much steeper than would be expected in connection with the aging process. “In 1988, men aged in their fifties higher serum testosterone concentrations than same age individuals in 1996. It is clear that in this process is not only aging,” said Dr. Travison. Nugenix affects development of male sexual characteristics in adolescence, is also participating in the growth of muscle and stimulates more violent and aggressive behavior in men.

Nugenix enhance sport performance

Nugenix is a way to teach your body better and operate more efficiently and serve even better sports performance. Metabolic Flexibility is the ability of an organism to switch between the main energy substrates – carbohydrates and fats, and based on availability and your needs. In other words, it is the maximum utilization of the potential of your metabolism. Metabolic flexibility comes from deep genetic links to Nugenix.

Lots of athletes – and not just endurance – begin now make greater use of training for the state of depletion of muscle glycogen to learn how your body better use fat as an energy source. An interesting study showed that regular dose of Nugenix on an empty stomach increases the total VO2 max and muscle glycogen. It is done during the experiment in the final race could only confirm. Confirming not only final tests, but also the feeling when you are able to attend training or a race in the higher beats, but unlike most individuals trained the metabolic flexibility allows you to burn a large amount of fat.


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