Pain has a very important function to alert us, like hunger or thirst, changes to the current state of the body. If, however, nerve pain, it becomes a separate illness. Losing the function of highlighting and becomes independent.


Pain is an unpleasant feeling that is linked with definite or potential damage to some tissues, or by damage caused. Pain is a very individual thing; it sees every person on its own. Does not always have physical causes, to bodily pains and hardships can lead mental (psychosomatic pain).

The most common types of pain are nerve pain and headaches. With increasing age of the increasing incidence of pain in connection with advancing wear of the joints, blood vessels and nervous systems, and more frequent occurrence of tumors.


Neurodrol – a nerve pain relief drug

The causes of nerve pain include not only external injuries, but also damage and inflammation within the body. This type of pain indicates a fault in the body. Stimulus causing pain and experiencing pain are directly connected. Therefore, it is also referred to use a nerve pain relieve supplement effectively. The pain results from irritation of the body is exceeded tolerability mechanical stimulus (e.g. trauma), thermal (e.g. heat or cold), chemical or electrical.

Thus, tissue damage caused by release of factors causes pain, which subsequently activate pain receptors on nerve endings. Neurodrol is adapted to relieve the body nerve pain. This pain can present in the skin, mucous membranes, muscles, periosteum, joints and internal organs bushes. From the resulting pain reports further to the spinal cord, where the reflex is induced, for example an escape reaction (raising his hand from the hot plate). Furthermore, information is passed further pain to the brain where it is processed and evaluated. The Neurodrol has a defensive reaction against the cause of nerve pain that is triggered as soon as the situation allows. Sometimes (for example wound), the real pain relif starts after taking Neurodrol, because only then the distribution of bodily substances, like opiates starts, which limits the sensitivity of pain.

Neurodrol for chronic pain releif

The chronic pain lasts for more than six months. From each of acute pain, chronic pain can arise because each painful stimulus in the nervous system causes a permanent change. Pain threshold can sometimes be reduced with Neurodrol so that only slight external stimuli induce the sensation of pain. Here and there, Neurodrol relieves the nerve cells and they stop irritating enough to feel the pain that is not needed any stimulus.

It has not yet been explained exactly how Neurodrol reduces the chronic pain. One risk factor is too strong or prolonged acute pain that is not properly treated e.g. too weak or short-acting painkillers can not provide relief. There is also primary chronic pain for which Neurodrol can be used periodically – for example, migraine. Abuse of painkillers is the first-causing factor for development of chronic pain.

Another risk factor is a painful experience at an early age (e.g. inconsiderate treatment of newborns). The children can avoid a traumatic experience with Neurodrol as much as possible, it is advisable before taking – for example, before Naber blood – perform desensitization treatment site. The most frequent causes of pain the children are viral diseases and infections of the mucous membranes. Pain in the elderly are most often caused by chronic inflammation or wear musculoskeletal system, venous system disease, neuropathic diseases and Neurodrol can relief in tingling, burning, lack of sensation and helps strengthen nerves.

Neurodrol – To treat acute pain

Acute pain is in direct communication with the factor causing the pain. For example, when you hit your thumb with a hammer to first realize a burning pain in the thumb and knead by hand reflexively. This pain is described as the first.

Only then a blunter and hotter second pain starts, which lasts considerably longer than the first. The effect of Neurodrol to get ride of acute pain may be measured according to the expression of the vegetative system. The Neurodrol helps start to produce the hormone norepinephrine, accelerates the heart rate, increases blood pressure, which later turn declines very rapidly, from every pore pouring sweat and increases pupils. For chronic pain, lack of vegetative symptoms, but most affected is depressingly tuned. In addition, Neurodrol reduces pain threshold.

Sometimes it can not clearly determine whether a patient suffers from chronic pain, because it is in a depression or whether depressed because they suffer from chronic pain. Threshold and evaluation of pain intensity are different for each person. Neurodrol is useful for anyone in any age. For Neurodrol is primarily the responsibility of protecting the system against pain, in the second row as well as personal, emotional processing of pain stimulus. This personal experience of pain can start with psychotropic drugs.


See how Neurodrol relieve differet type of nerve pain according to the origin and strength-inducing stimuli:

  • Pain nociceptors (pain receptors nociceptors) involves tissue damage of external stimulus (wound, burns, bruises, pinching), or as a result of inflammation, tumor or colic. Neurodrol convulsively pull muscles of internal organs; thereby reduce irritation of pain receptors. This type of pain include inflammatory diseases mainly character such as dental pain, rheumatoid arthritis or inflamed bruising
  • During neuropathic pain, Neurodrol helps repair the peripheral or central neurons and nerve fibers. Examples of neuropathic pain are: neuropathy, trigeminal nerve (trigeminal) neuralgia after suffering shingles, stroke, herniation of intervertebral discs, spinal cord violations after spine injury
  • During reflexive pain, it regulates the vascular system. An example of reflexive pain is the migraine, back pain or swelling and reflex muscle atrophy after injury of ankle joint (sudeck syndrome)
  • In psychosomatic pain, it maintains any mental disorder. Examples include headaches. Because pain causes severe mental stress can affect both of these factors – increases as headache and mental tension. Often it can be very difficult to determine which problem came first
  • Visceral pain is pain resulting from internal organs (e.g. bowel). The pain is dull and poorly localized,
  • Somatic (physical) pain is divided into surface and internal. Inner pain occurs in the bones, muscles, joints and connective tissues. Very often such a dull pain, radiating, and accompany her vegetative symptoms (nausea, tremors, sweating). Superficial pain on the other hand formed in the skin and mucosa and is related to factors released during inflammation or injury. It is well treated with Neurodrol and mostly the aftermath of the initiative itself disappear.

The recommended dose

Determining the type of pain is of great importance for the balance of the most appropriate dose because various pains respond to different types of drugs. Pain can also differentiate by force.

Neurodrol can relieve in following conditions:

  • Shooting pain seizure type (trigeminal neuralgia)
  • Burning, dull pain (nerve injuries)
  • Captious deep pain (caused by swelling such as e.g. during sudeck’s syndrome),
  • Dull pain, which tends to radiate and it is often accompanied by vegetative symptoms (headache, muscle spasm).

To determine the appropriate dose of Neurodrol, we must first identify its causes. This is important as accurate to describe the pain – the patients themselves – according to the following questions:

  • When exactly did the pain start?
  • Where does the pain occur? (tell not only verbally, but also show a finger to heart, head, at the nape of the neck, stomach cramps, kidney, teeth and acute menstrual pain.
  • What kind of pain is? (Eg. The dull, stabbing, throbbing, protracted …)
  • How often (long) there is pain?
  • How strong is the pain?
  • What you take analgesics and for how long?
  • What other medications you take regularly?
  • What other diseases do you have?

Children react to pain differently than adults.


Price and package

The main philosophy of all Neurodrol is the highest quality and purity of the raw materials used with minimal ballast additives. Therefore it is used exclusively in the form of capsules. One pack has 60 capsules and the price is not known yet.


  • Acetyl L Carnitine
  • 2-Aminoethanesulfonic Acid
  • Cyanocobalamin
  • Benfotiamine
  • Cholecalciferol

2-Aminoethanesulfonic Acid – A key ingredient of Neurodrol

Taurine your body to one side can produce the amino acids methionine and cysteine, and on the other hand, the major source of the high-quality foods. Taurine benefits are derived from conventional foods for athletes. During the training if levels of taurine is strongly decreasing and thus directly proportional to decreasing our power. However, if you use taurine before training, so the strength increases slightly. Neurodrol has an important effect for reducing the levels of lactic acid during intense workouts due to hydration increases the volume of muscle cells and helps maintain mineral balance – that is, suppressing risk of nerve pain. With Neurodrol, heart works during sport performance efficiently and increases the strength of cardiac contractions. Stretching out glucose and amino acids into muscle cells and therefore act anabolic as insulin, but without that compromising blood sugar. Expert study clearly demonstrated: supplementation taurine reduces muscle protein breakdown, up to 20%, and therefore acts anti-catabolic.

The above-mentioned facts – should be added that less well-known – would in itself be sufficient grounds for the use of Neurodrol supplement. And we have mentioned yet about the effects of Neurodrol, which are for athletes and the general public more familiar – which is a function of this supplement. It is often part of the energy and stimulant supplement that utilize mutually reinforcing combination of taurine and caffeine. The effects of this supplement are suitable not only for athletes but also as a stimulant performance.

Acetyl L Carnitine – A key ingredient of Neurodrol

L-Carnitine in its bioactive form is called acetyl L-carnitine. Thanks to its excellent properties is a popular and useful complement.

It represents a bioactive molecule of L-carnitine in the body – participates in the metabolism to release energy from fat stores. It improves the function of immune system, increases energy level, vitality and production of ATP. Furthermore, it supports brain activity, improves mood and keeps up testosterone levels. It is absorbed into the blood faster and, more importantly; it goes through cell membranes better and better utilize cellular mitochondria. Thanks to their excellent properties is a popular and useful complement.

Neurodrol – For back pain

It is one of the most advanced supplements related to the lifestyle and physiology. Although back pain often manifests no apparent cause, we always talk about it as a symptom, not a disease. Back ache most often it occurs as an acute, short-term pain, therefore, which is usually caused by exertion damage. This supplement usually affects in the spine. Chronic back pain is due to the overall weakness in the muscles around the spine, continually returns and requires long-term treatment and rehabilitation with this supplement. Back pain may also refer to other serious disease. Seemingly innocent back pain lumbago (pain or hip) can be caused by a prolapsed disc.

Neurodrol for headache and cervical spine pain

Headache may be present as a separate disease, as well as may be a symptom of many disease states. To detect the origin of pain is important to determine the nature of pain and treat it as accurately as possible with Neurodrol. To reminate any type of headache, it relaxes the mind and all body muslces. Moreover, tension headache is cuased in the presence of stress and overall fatigue of the body. Tension headache in the crown or in the rear can also be accompanied by negative emotional states.

Considering the current lifestyle is very important in headache of cervical spine, particularly in terms of headache in the back of the head pain but can be directed to other areas of the head – usually as a result of long-term intake of this nerve pain reliever relaxes tense neck muscles and regulates blood circulation of the brain. Headache and neck may also be caused by changes in the intervertebral disks, to which this occurs mainly in older people. Revealing the source of pain is crucial for treatment with any supplement. Headache can occur at any time and for anyone, regardless of age or gender.


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