Learn all about Endurolast supplement. And contain many nutrients and be extremely beneficial to health, it is a great ally of athletes and bodybuilders, can strengthen muscles, ensure strength and willingness to marathons exercises and also helps in the mass loss prevention muscle.

Endurolast food supplement is composed of zinc and magnesium, essential minerals for the proper functioning of the body, especially the immune system. Furthermore, it also good reserve amount of vitamin B6 is very important for brain activities and capable of improving concentration.

How does Endurolast supplement?

The combination of certain nutrients results in a totally positive and beneficial effect to the body. The constant use, combined with daily exercise helps effectively bodybuilders, improving the athlete’s performance in the exercises, strengthening the muscles and contributing to the growth of the same.

Endurolast supplement is also well known as a substitute for pro-hormone products that are very harmful to the body and can cause serious damage to health. Unlike the pro-hormone, it can be used continuously without any risk, since it stimulates the production of testosterone in a secure manner.

What is Endurolast supplement?

Effects of Endurolast are the result of the action of its main components. Zinc, for example, prevents fatigue, anemia, hair loss, weakness and brittle nails. Since magnesium has the function of maintaining healthy bones and muscles of the mineral deficiency is common among most adults, therefore, supplementation through it is critical.

Since vitamin B6 formula was included to ensure that zinc and magnesium are easily absorbed by the body at the same time, this combination results in production of testosterone by 30% higher than the natural. Constant use of Endurolast greatly improves performance during training. Endurolast does not present risks if ingested according to the amount recommended by the manufacturers. The components of the supplement are beneficial, but exceeds the daily recommendation indicated by experts may cause some complications and bring no benefit to the body. Among the major side effects of this supplement are drowsiness, irritability, mood swings, cramps, nausea, diarrhea and even decrease HDL the good cholesterol.

How to take Endurolast supplement?

The supplement is sold in capsule, a good way to help the body to take advantage of all the nutrients that it contains, is always eat them with a glass of water (200ml) approximately 30 minutes before the meal.

For men, the daily dose is three capsules and women two, remembering that one of the doses should be reserved for the night intake, preferably before bedtime. Other doses may be made throughout the day, before lunch and before training.

Endurolast offers faster muscle recovery

The market for food supplements for those who practice physical exercises is immense, and so it can be difficult to stay informed about the indications, benefits and possible side effects of all products are on the shelves of pharmacies and health food stores. For this reason, today we speak of Endurolast, a very popular supplement in the academies throughout Brazil and that is very interesting for those who practice high-performance activities.

Endurolast is nothing more than a dietary supplement class of complex carbohydrates, or which have the capacity to provide energy for the body perform intense physical activity or for prolonged periods. This ensures that the body has enough energy to perform them. Furthermore, it has rapid absorption and is usually marketed in the form of powder or gel. Another feature of Endurolast is that it can be combined with other substances, in order to supplement their supplementation by increasing its performance. Among the supplements most suitable for use with this supplement are whey protein and albumin.

The benefits of this supplement are directly related to the supply of energy for the body, for example, promoting a faster and more efficient muscle recovery and increased muscle mass gain. For these reasons it is a substance commonly used by bodybuilders.

Where to buy Endurolast with best price?

Now that you know the benefits of Endurolast you may be wondering where to buy it. The good news is that it is a very affordable supplement and is very easy to be found all over Brazil in specialized stores and large pharmacies. However, if you prefer, you can also buy it online and receive your order in your home.

The price of Endurolast is as bellow:

·       Free trial for 14 day

·       One month supply – $86.98

How to take Endurolast?

If you are practicing aerobic exercise such as running, cycling, and dancing lessons, the ideal is to consume Endurolast before or during training, with the goal of providing energy to the realization of that activity. That’s because if your body has carbohydrates to burn, it will save the proteins, which can bring many benefits to the body. But if you practice weight training the most recommended is to consume it after training, since it will act in muscle rebuilding, favoring the intake of protein in the injured muscle.

In the case of the release of Endurolast, the ideal is to add it in water. Another tip is to only take this supplement on the day that you train in order to avoid an overdose of carbohydrates that will not be spent on physical activity. About the ideal amount to be consumed per day, we recommend that you consult a doctor, a nutritionist or even a trainer so he indicates what amount according to your needs and your exercise routine and diet.

And side effects of Endurolast?

Generally, it has no contraindications. However, if you are diabetic, we recommend you see your doctor for him to tell if you are able to take and what are the quantities most suitable for you, as it can greatly increase glucose levels in the body. Side effects are also not common.

Like any other supplement, Albumin may cause side effects if consumed in excess. It is a source of essential ingredients, so when ingested in an exaggerated way can overload the kidneys, so is not suitable for those who have kidney problems or kidney often feel cramps frequently. The intestine can also be harmed by the use of Endurolast, even if it is done moderately. It can cause diarrhea gases and even in people having sensitive intestine and these same symptoms may be more severe in allergic to eggs.

Note that the excess protein in the body can also cause weight gain, because it can be transformed into fat when the body useless. For this reason, the Endurolast is indicated only for those with an intense exercise routine.

Endurolast promotes action against catabolism

The supplement is a good source of the essential nutrients to the organism body and assist in mass and hypertrophy of muscles very efficiently. Endurolast is used for decades by bodybuilders. It is made from a protein found naturally in the body, but is also present in abundance in egg white. The big advantage is that this type of supplement can be taken by allergic to lactose and does not make it necessary to eat eggs every day, which can make the diet for a perfect little body.

It may have various purposes such as supplementation of this type protein generally benefits the body. However, it is consumed by the bodybuilding fans and other gym goers to strengthen the muscles, the results are always satisfactory. In addition to protein, this supplement has in its composition a number of vitamins and iron.

main reason why it favors strength is that it promotes action against catabolism, effect that happens in the body after hours of training, when all the energy needed to carry out the activities happens to be from protein and no carbohydrates. With this, the whole series of exercises is in vain, since the muscle is weakened and hardly takes shape. By consuming it, the body receives enough essential ingredients, preventing the body from being hampered by the lack of this substance during or after training. All other vitamin supplements work in conjunction with the protein and also make them more resistant muscles.


Who constantly mesh, or for muscle mass, either for practical exercises in order to improve the quality of life, know that a good pre workout supplement is critical. The Pre-training is intended to supplement the energy needs of athletes and is a mix of carbohydrates, amino acids and natural stimulants. These combinations may promote vasodilatation, increase tissue oxygenation and reducing fatigue, in order to improve performance in exercise. In today’s article we will talked about a supplement that has ugly very successful in gyms and competitions, Endurolast.

Endurolast is a supplement created by Iridium Labs, same laboratory Somatodrol and Kimera, it is a pre-workout supplement for those who want to feel the difference. With a combination of ingredients designed to generate the best possible results, the Endurolast is the best pre-workout market and promises to enhance their performance by improving since its concentration to the strength and endurance.

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