Enduro Rush Scam?

Enduro Rush

Have you always sought achieving a perfect body if you are doing exercise and practicing bodybuilding? Are you using different workouts and supplements to help gain muscle mass? There are several supplements, and you may have been trying more than one supplement, but there is missing talking about Enduro Rush, a testosterone booster supplement.Enduro Rush

Key benefit of this product is to increase testosterone levels by around 30% of normal body production. It will guarantee more energy for training, and consequently more muscle hypertrophy.

Enduro Rush benefits

  • Improves post-workout muscle recovery
  • Increases testosterone levels by up to 30%
  • By having more testosterone in body, you will have more sexual appetite and higher performance
  • Increases up to 26% in levels of HGH (growth hormone)
  • Suppresses somatostatin, this hormone that limits natural production of growth hormone
  • Decreases fatigue

It is a food supplement that is already being used in a large scale abroad and has arrived in market earning a very great reputation. Besides not having side effects, results that it provides are incredible. Although at first glance it seems, but this supplement is NOT an anabolic steroid. But rather, it is a food supplement, like any other found in supplement stores. One of reasons proves this is that all steroids sold here in market are required medical prescription. But Enduro Rush is freely sold without any kind of restriction.

If it is not anabolic steroid, then let see how does it work?

Fundamental informations about Enduro Rush

It was developed by international company, which works exclusively with products that stimulate gain of muscular mass or that help in slimming.

Its formula was created with goal of stimulating major hormones related to muscle gain: Testosterone and HGH. Any athlete who wants to increase performance on training and results through bodybuilding needs to increase their levels of these two hormones.

It turns out that formerly only formula of being able to do this quickly was through use of anabolic products. But Enduro Rush has come to end this myth. Its formula contains natural products capable of increasing testosterone level by equal to 30% in a totally natural way. That makes your own body produce more of this hormone.

This is why this supplement is one of few supplements that can increase testosterone and HGH levels without damaging your health. So, you can achieve hypertrophy in a totally clean way without use of any substances harmful to your health. And that’s why sports nutritionists are always indicating this product to those who want to have more energy and increase performance during exercise.Enduro Rush

Get boosted your testosterone with Enduro Rush

Testosterone and growth hormone, both are very useful for bodybuilders, because although these are growth hormones. They help a lot in muscle hypertrophy and helps prevent muscle catabolism, both things that everyone who trains wants to achieve. These hormones help to better synthesize protein and strengthens ligaments and joint, making recovery after training happen faster.

Testosterone is main hormone that differentiates man from woman, and even gives characteristics to men to have more strength than women. Man produces on average between 40% and 60% more testosterone than women. However, it is produced by body naturally, just like HGH. Those who want to increase their levels can achieve this through use of anabolic or hormone injection itself. Now it is possible to achieve this naturally through Enduro Rush.

In addition to lean mass gains, this supplement also helps to give more energy to workouts, improves immune function and bone health, as well as increases libido. Therefore, it indirectly even improves performance to sexual appetite.

Enduro Rush restores body energy

It has in its formula only natural products that together are able to improve performance of training and muscle growth.

It helps in bone formation and in immune and reproductive system. It also plays an important role in conversion of androstenediol to testosterone, thereby increasing levels of this hormone.  Enduro Rush restores muscle energy and helps keep body functioning properly. In addition, it also helps control blood sugar levels, as well as improves insulin resistance and heart health.

It helps in protein synthesis in body. It stimulates production of growth hormone, as well as insulin and glucagon, which are very important to improve performance during training. It includes all essential amino acids. They are used to control elimination of nitrogen from our body, and they play a key role in building muscles and increasing testosterone in an incredible way. All ingredients have thermogenic action, which helps to accelerate metabolism and consequently burn more fat. It also has action on muscles reducing post-training pain.

How to take Enduro Rush?

This supplement can be used by people who exercise frequently or not, and their use is slightly different in both cases.

In case of people who train, it is indicated use of a capsule upon waking up and another capsule after training. It should take six days a week and give day off, which is usually on Sundays because it is day that person does not practice physical activity.

For people who do not practice weight training or some other activity frequently, it is advisable to take one tablet two hours before lunch and one during sleep. So, Enduro Rush acts during sleep, improving mass gain for those who do not train. But it is worth mentioning that best results appear only for people who have an active life and who do some type of daily physical activity. Do bodybuilding, running, cycling or other high intensity.

Composition and benefits of Enduro Rush

It has a unique formula, created from natural ingredients, which, although all are allowed by ANVISA. When eaten together, give an explosion in testosterone production and HGH levels. This formula is not so simple to explain, but below you will have a very easy explanation of this formula about how it works in body.

It is responsible for restoring energy of your muscles, in addition to keeping body functioning more correctly. Ingredients are very important for maintenance of nerve cells. But it is not so ingested through food, or in other cases alcohol and tobacco damage correct absorption of this supplement. Enduro Rush helps control blood sugar levels, improves insulin resistance and provides better heart health.

There are precisely some elements that make your body’s GH levels increased by up to 158%. In addition to helping with weight loss, they help improve resistance against diseases, leaving you with better health. This supplement is amazing. It helps improve and maintain insulin sensitivity, keeps your brain healthier and improves your body’s immunity. All this, in right measure, makes this supplement best product to gain strength and muscle mass in a fast and totally safe way.

Use of Enduro Rush for women

Increased muscle mass and definition are best seen in men, who shortly after starting using this supplement. Male body is able to absorb components of supplement more easily because of this high testosterone rate. In a few days of use strength and energy, fat burning and recovery of muscles that Enduro Rush can already be perceived.

With women gains are also very fast, but since their goal is usually to burn fat leaving belly dry and legs and buttocks firm. This result can be noticeably more time consuming, although it is as fast as for men. And most important of all: you will not have a thicker voice or will not appear more hairs in your body.

Recommendation on how to take this supplement is for women to take 1 capsule per day only. And men take 2 capsules and should be ingested before lunch or dinner. If you want to eat more than amount recommended by manufacturer, correct thing is to get help from a professional. That preferably works exclusively with bodybuilders, who understands better how body reacts to such supplements. Exaggerating dose can have effects like diarrhea, headache and in muscles.

Who is recommended to use Enduro Rush?

This supplement can be used by both women and men. But is generally more sought after by men who want to gain muscle quickly and also want to improve their health. Although it boosts testosterone levels, women do not need to be afraid that they will get a thick voice, just as it is who takes analysts.

Recommendation is for age group to be between 18 and 45 years old. Anyone can take Enduro Rush, except infants and pregnant women.

It is for this reason that this supplement has been widely used by both men and women. Because it is a natural supplement, there are no side effects that harm body like anabolic steroids. On contrary, it helps to restore correct production of hormones in your body to point that it is able to withstand, thus avoiding side effects.

Side effects of Enduro Rush

Because it is a supplement and not an anabolic, you do not have to worry about all side effects that steroids cause. With this supplement, you will not have any of these harmful health effects. However, it should not be used by people suffering from kidney disease or heart disease.

An interesting thing is that it does not inhibit production of hormones, as with anabolic products. Anyone who takes anabolic, at end of cycle, there needs to make a recovery (known as Post Cycle Therapy – TPC). Goal is to make body return as normal as possible to avoid being harmed. But as we know, even with CPT, there are still side effects.

With this supplement, you will not have it. For you do not insert hormone beyond what human body can bear. On contrary, you let body naturally produce as much as it can bear. This is precisely why any type of body can take, whether with goal of turning fat into muscle mass or just gaining mass. Before using any type of medicine or supplement, seek a doctor or nutritionist to go through an evaluation and see if you are fit to use product you want.

Consumer reports about Enduro Rush

It works, and many people have already reported it. As mentioned, what it does is increase levels of production of testosterone and HGH. That causes you to increase your income in training and gain more muscle mass in a short time. Let see reports provided by some users.

“I started attending gym in my 20s. This is a sport that I do not like much but need because of health problems that require muscle strengthening. Today, at age of 24, I decided to dedicate myself more to sports. I delayed, but I decided. Now, besides bodybuilding, I go hiking and I ride my bike, all according to time that is left in my day to day.

I started supplementing with Enduro Rush mainly after training. I was essential for gaining lean muscle mass. I saw very good advantages when consuming Enduro Rush. I did not feel as much muscular pain and I was able to gain lean mass.”

Total guarantee of Enduro Rush

Manufacturer of Enduro Rush believes so much in its formula that it gives you a WARRANTY. If after using product for three months you are not satisfied with results, just get in touch with them asking for your money back. Simple like that, there is no bureaucracy at all. They have full commitment that formula works for you because they want you to talk well about product to others. So if for some reason you are not satisfied, just ask for money back that they will give back. But remember that this only applies if you buy from official website.Enduro Rush

Where to buy Enduro Rush?

To avoid forgery, manufacturer decided to sell this supplement directly on its own website. So buy supplement only from official website. Price will vary depending on promotion you choose. Bigger package will take bigger discount.

But like we said, you have to buy only from manufacturer’s website to avoid buying a fake product. Buying from official website you will be guaranteed that if after 3 months of use you do not get results, you can ask for your money back. But you will cover this guarantee only if you buy original product.

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