DermaVie: Hydrafirm Anti aging Cream Scam?

Much of our transgressions in skincare disguising makeup, which protects it from escaping, for example, hydration from damage by free radicals and UV radiation. However, it is necessary every night hydrate skin and to devote the morning.


Many women believe that water is the best and cheapest to wash your face and make-up removal. It’s the biggest mistake you can do. Water it is sufficiently washed away. Additionally, such a procedure is intrusive and we literally face scrub. For women with sensitive skin it may even irritate the water. For these reasons, it is necessary to have such beauty products that skin easily absorb and supply necessary water. Their selection plays an important role. Orient in time is not only retail, but also the market of professional cosmetics replete cosmetic brands, is not easy.

It is necessary to choose such a mark by which the manufacturer will provide information and do not forget the composition of the product. Companies producing high quality and effective cosmetics are investing considerable funds into research and product development. They use natural ingredients and provide a guarantee on its products.


DermaVie restore protective skin layer

This anti-aging serum, in comparison with the other composition with reduced level of surfactant, thereby minimizes damage to skin lipids during washing. Creamy formula of DermaVie helps restore the protective layer of the skin and gives it a hydration, softness and smoothness you can feel after just one use. It provides a comprehensive skin care and caters to women who do not have time daily use body lotions and creams. Creamy texture, rich foam and delicate fragrance give to you along with a pleasant feeling of cleanliness to ensure smooth and moisturized skin without the use of lotion.

DermaVie is effective weapon in the fight against wrinkles. But you may not know that its effects came by accident. How it works and what you should know everyone, every thing is discussed here. It produces significant bacteria called Clostridium. It acts on the nerves in places of their muscle connection. From nerve terminals at these sites releasing chemical “messenger” substance called acetylcholine which causes the muscle contraction, and botulinum toxin that just prevents release. Its effect helps to reduce excessive muscle contractions and relaxes muscle tension so.

It is used directly on the affected skin. Perception of use varies from one person to another. Effects of DermaVie are picked up successively in four to seven days, sometimes later. They persist up to 16 weeks, and lead to the smoothness of the skin usually three to four months, sometimes longer. It is also for the removal of excessive sweating, which works really great. It is constantly evolving and becoming more efficient. The main trend is reducing the dose per usage, which makes treatment more accessible and safer. The same amount is treated with multiple locations and the face looks more harmoniously.

Price and package

  • Trial – Free for two weeks
  • One bottle – $119.95


  • Alpha-lipoic acid
  • Retinol
  • Vitamin C
  • Coenzyme Q-10
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Salicylic acid

DermaVie prevents effects of hardwater

Unlike soft hard water contains a higher content of minerals, especially calcium and magnesium. The more mineral water has the harder. By purchasing in hard water and often too long, and a mixture of minerals, soap deposits on the skin, which then causes irritation and itching. If hard water, soap or shampoo when you wash a little foam and then people tend to use these products more than is necessary, where appropriate, a stronger and more aggressive soap.

How do we know that our skin affects hard water? The most common symptoms after prolonged use hard water are irritation and dry skin. If you have highly sensitive skin or even suffer from psoriasis, eczema and other skin diseases, you should not touch with hard water ever exhibit. Hard water can also cause that you fail to properly wash the soap from the skin surface, and then it’s just very uncomfortable for people with sensitive skin or other problems. Soap residues clog pores, resulting also in the formation of pimples, pores or acne.

Reduce the amount of time that you expose your skin hard water, take a quick shower just is not recommended long lying in the bathtub. The washing your face, use filtered or bottled water. Also important is the choice of skin serum for subsequent skin care. It helps maintain its natural smoothness, softness and flexibility. After showering, remember to treat body with DermaVie, a rich moisturizer.


DermaVie maintains skin hydration

Few people know that the application of DermaVie can also combat excessive sweating. The principle action of this serum is to prevent conduction of nerve fibers to the sweat glands. It is also used in correcting scars, prior to surgery to calm healing. Scar itself does not change, but it helps in other way. Interesting timing is needed before plastic-surgical modifications. As with all drugs, even with application of DermaVie can appear side effects. It may cause undesirable or excessive rednes of skin.

In summer it is necessary to improve the skin care intensely. In summer, we must take care of the skin much more intensively than usual because it causes many adverse factors, such as intense sunlight, chlorinated water in swimming pools, more sweat and more showering. If we are at home even in hard water, we need to ensure the comfort of our skin even more. With proper skin care in summer, DermaVie maintains hydration, not only on the surface but also in the lower layers. Use it with reduced levels of surfactant, thereby minimizing damage to skin lipids during washing.

The skin is our calling card and we need regular care for it. The sooner you start, the better you will look in the future. The base is morning and evening cleaning using DermaVie. Once in a while is suitable gentle scrub. If you would like lychee each day, there is no need to use a lot of makeup, DermaVie can just make gently correct tone. Each of us is unique and we need to remember what we have. It should become the rule, especially for sensitive and problematic skin. DermaVie is the building block of your makeup! It contains antibacterial ingredients that prevent the further spread of infection and skin does not hurt. Problematic skin then acts calmly and manicured.

DermaVie protects your skin in the sun

Going to the beach? Then overdo tanning and obtain a high-quality cosmetics. Sunscreen cosmetics DermaVie protects against both UVA and UVB radiation, and is resistant to water and sand and does not contain oil and thus does not clog the pores. This serum with vitamins E and B6 contribute to the protection and regeneration of cells and moisturizing complex provides intensive hydration, and so prevents drying of the skin. Easy to apply and does not contain alcohol, dyes or parabens.

The time of sunbathing we choose has an impact according to how long you can safely stay in the sun (the bigger factor, the longer the period). But we should not forget that excessive sun exposure causes premature aging of the skin, which thereby loses its elasticity. Infants and children up to three years, for example in direct sunlight should not stay at all and parents would have to choose DermaVie. After sunbathing, it soothes and regenerates the skin. This serum due to the content of menthol cools and absorbs quickly. It restores hydro-lipid balance of the skin and vitamin E eliminates harmful free radicals and protects against skin aging. It regenerates irritated skin.

Before you start tanning, focus on diet and increase your DermaVie application, which improves the resistance of the skin against UV radiation. Protection against free radicals in turn is provided by antioxidants such as vitamin C and coenzyme Q. When you visit a solarium during the winter with the arrival of sunny days leave this pastime. The combination of sun and artificial light in tanning salons is one of the worst things you can do your skin. At least 20 minutes before sun exposure to the skin, apply a sufficient amount DermaVie that offers protection against both UVA and UVB rays. When choosing to focus on the value of SPF (sun protection factor). It simply expresses multiple time about who will put off the skin burnt by the sun.


DermaVie makes sunbathing safe

In our conditions, it provides sufficient protection for healthy skin of SPF 20 to 30 depending on the skin type. During a stay at the sea, in the mountains or in certain skin problems rely on the SPF 30 and above. Layer restores sunscreen every 2-3 hours. If you enjoy water fun, it is necessary to shorten this interval. It’s good to pay attention to the designation of creams, not only the number of protective factors.

At the time of greatest intensity of solar radiation between 10 to 15 hrs, the sun purposefully exposes all. Children under one year of age should be always protected from the sun! During sunny days also protect your eyes and scalp, especially if you wear hair combed to the path. After each sunbathing use DermaVie designed for care after sunbathing, regardless of whether the skin is burned – in any case now needs to calm and restore moisture. It increases the production of healthy skin cells, moisturizes and regenerates the skin and moreover has anti-inflammatory effect.

DermaVie prevens skin allergies

Skin allergies in children can cause exactly the same as in adults. Greater risk of developing skin allergies is to such children of parents with allergies and also children born to full pollen season. Allergic reactions can be in the body due to a pre-inheritance coded and then it is just a question of whether it runs something or not. Allergic react to that with which we meet repeatedly. For very young children, it is most often followed by hypersensitivity allergic reactions on the skin, milk allergy and egg white. The good news is that these allergies usually disappear with the help of DermaVie.

Children’s skin is thinner and more sensitive than the adult. The epidermis is the top layer of skin through which the skin senses inputs from the outside. In young children, the skin is very sensitive, since it is up to five times thinner than in adults. They may therefore penetrate into the body of harmful substances and allergens that can cause skin allergies, hypersensitivity or skin disease. Increased susceptibility to skin irritations or rashes children suffer up to three years of age when they are fully developed skin.

Atopic dermatitis is up to three years, the most common allergic disease in children. The toddler’s symptoms may spread throughout the body. The disease is accompanied by constant itching, which is dangerous in that if a child scratches, may produce up bloody wounds. When the skin is excessively dried and deprived of the protective film is brittle, cracked and very easy to penetrate the pollutants. It can cause inflammation, which is called eczema. The skin is then sensitive to the chemical substances in cosmetics and detergents. Therefore, we should use DermaVie hypoalegenic cosmetics.

DermaVie protects infant’s skin

Seboric dermatitis is the most common skin disease in infants and toddlers. It is caused by excessive production of sebaceous glands, but becomes reddish scaly points on the head or the face. This is not an allergic reaction, and it is easily cured with DermaVie. Irritation and skin rashes are most commonly allergic reactions to external stimuli. These allergens are but hard to recognize. You have to experience immediately after contact with them when repeatedly skin begins to itch and forms small pimples and then dry crust. This cutaneous manifestation is the child also annoying and trying to rub.

The healthy skin of children may not be fully resistant to harmful substances. So long as it is not fully developed, it needs full protection. Let alone allergic before, except this should include home care and medical supervision. It is important to choose suitable hypoallergenic cosmetics and also think about the materials that do not irritate the skin, DermaVie is ideal.


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