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More and more women seek alternatives to the skin, especially the face, always with the young and free appearance of imperfections like wrinkles or marks expressions. But separate part of the budget for creams that promise many benefits for the skin or beauty treatments to ensure a better appearance is not always option for most. Those who prefer natural and more accessible alternatives, you can bet on Dermagen iQ. Learn more about this product and the benefits for your skin.


The clays are minerals which arise due to decomposition, degradation and wear of source rock. This degradation may occur due to exposure to natural elements such as wind and water, and also due to the organic rotting vegetation or to chemical agents over the years by changing the mineral. They can be found in various types such as white, gray, brown and green. Each has different action and is widely used in cosmetic and therapeutic treatments because of its medicinal powers.

Dermagen iQ is one of the best known, and widely used as facial and body mask in aesthetic clinics and can also be used at home easily.


Dermagen iQ for skin sretch marks

The dreaded stretch marks appear as stripes in the most different parts of the body. At first, they are reddish, and eventually turn white. The best places are to appear around hips, breasts and buttocks; although men usually have more on the shoulders and back. But ultimately, what is the groove? Few people know that stretch marks are actually injuries caused by excessive stretching of the skin. They usually arise in adolescence, where there is a very rapid growth.

Unfortunately stretch marks are much easier to prevent with Dermagen iQ. It help improve your appearance, especially in the reddish or purplish phase, but not to remove completely. In this initial stage, there is a disruption of secondary fibers that support the skin layer and an inflammatory process occurs, which may make them itch and there is vasodilation in place. When stretch marks are white already, it has happened more intense atrophy of the elastic fibers and they no longer have inflammation. People with dark skin or black may have darker streaks.

Hydrated skin is harder to break. Dermagen iQ contains hyaluronic acid, urea, grape seed oil or rosehip. In the case of a pregnancy, you can also use this serum. The vitamin C contained in this serum actively participates in the production of collagen in the body, which keeps the skin firm and in addition, it acts as an anti-inflammatory. It is a natural source of hydration and skin nourishment. It also goes into the skin, helping to maintain elasticity. It promotes the formation of collagen, which improves the appearance of old, and new stretch marks, and closes the small vessels of new stretch marks causing decrease. It also stimulates collagen formation and renewal of tissues. It consists of essential substances in the stretch marks that cause reactions in the body seeking to tissue renewal. It is a sanding of stretch marks, regulating the skin surface giving you more uniformity and promoting tissue renewal


It is available for £62.79 from Amazon and the key ingredients are:

  • Vitamin C & E
  • Glycerin
  • Cucumber Extract
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Urea
  • Grape seed oil
  • Collagen

Dermagen iQ helps elastic fibers

They are characterized by a kind of reddish lesions that usually reach buttocks, thighs, breasts, hips, back and even the arms. It helps elastic fibers and supports the skin because of a stretch, repairing lines on the skin. May affect adults, adolescents and even children, stretch marks do not cause major complications beyond the aesthetic effect, although when are wide and have sudden onset may indicate endocrine diseases.

Some causes of stretch marks are the accordion effect, which is the gain and loss of weight frequently, the rapid growth of the body, pregnancy, very fast increase muscle and dry skin also enhances its appearance. Placement of silicone implants, big increase in weight and even hormonal imbalance can also be causes.

Skin marks are divided into two types: recent and old. Recent stretch marks are more reddish and come along to an inflammatory process in the affected area and may cause itching or burning. It offers more possibility of treatments, whereas in the former groove there have been atrophy of elastic fibers, giving them more whitish appearance.

Dermagen iQ stimulates the reorganization of tissues

Starting there, you start to do the treatment, which usually depends on the type of groove and where stretch marks can not be cured, but there is significant improvement in their appearance. Dermagen iQ stimulates the reorganization of tissues and promotes better absorption of other active ingredients. It causes a bruise at the site of groove, which promotes reorganization of tissues. The most common use is by way of creams containing retinoic acid which can be done even at home. It stimulates collagen production in the affected region. It fills the groove with substances that stimulate collagen to fill the grooves, narrowing them.

In the end, Dermagen iQ is the best treatment for the rib ends up being even preventing its onset. No matter your skin type, it is is essential moisturizer. Furthermore, the internal hydration is also important: consume two to three times per day.


Dermagen iQ for the facial skin

Dermagen iQ is composed of several elements, including Vitamin C, Glycerin, Cucumber Extract, Hyaluronic acid and Urea. These components confer several benefits to the skin and body. Ideal for oily skin, it has great absorption, eliminating excess oils, causing thus a regulation on the production of sebum from the skin. Moreover, it can also be used to control the oiliness of the scalp.

Those who suffer from pimples and acne, Dermagen iQ can be uses as secativo and gentle exfoliant, removing dead cells and smoothes out blemishes caused by pimples. Dermagen iQ also moisturizes, tones and revitalizes the skin, leaving it firm, preventing and smoothing out wrinkles and expression marks. For the whole body skin, it gives healing and anti-inflammatory action, and is great for relieving muscle and joint pain. The product also improves blood circulation. For those who want to reduce measures, this anti-aging serum is the right choice since its use localized fat burning, reduces cellulite and smoothes stretch marks.

The promising improvement by Dermagen iQ

What woman does not want to have strong and beautiful skin? A novelty that promises these improvements and is gaining adherents is the Dermagen iQ. It is composed of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that act to promote the body’s balance naturally. The goal is to make you more beautiful.

This anti-aging serum is known as nutricosmetics, listed according to its aesthetic benefits. Any good weight loss supplement should also be taken together to get a better result and a treatment altogether. It contains antioxidants that moisturize the skin and promote its rejuvenation. These components also control the oil and leave the skin silky and healthy. The new pepair acts directly on the skin, because it increases the levels of collagen in the body. The skin becomes stronger and shiny and your skin grows softer and elastic. It also guarantees a perfect, long-lasting tan, and as its name implies, should be taken before exposure to the sun and after sun bathing. It protects the skin from sun rays that cause aging.

For treatment with this serum, it promotes a change from the inside out, and acts in the deeper layers of the skin. Combined with an exercise routine and healthy eating, the results can be observed as early as the first month of use. Nutricosmetics – as is the case with Dermagen iQ – is a product that promise rejuvenation and health from the inside out, and are very popular as the “beauty serum”.

Dermagen iQ encourages stronger antioxidants

Currently, dermatologists have known that not just use creams and lotions on the skin, it also needs to replenish nutrients and minerals. Ideally women undergo a full treatment, adjusting and promoting balance in all aspects of health and aesthetic. This serum also encourages stronger antioxidants, which fight premature aging. It can be used by adults who wish to obtain health and beauty results. In the case of pregnant women, and women and breastfeeding, it causes not any problem.

It leaves the lush skin, shiny hair and protect from sunlight gained a makeover: instead of the colorful packaging and creamy texture, there are also new wave cosmetic of oral ingestion in pill form. It offers many benefits through their regular consumption and will even arouse doubts about its effectiveness. If you plan to start using this nutricosmetic, read this article and learn more about them.

Basically, it serves as food supplements. It contains vitamins, minerals and proteins essential for the improvement or maintenance of some aspect related to beauty, for example, collagen intake is made to maintain skin elasticity. The purpose of this beauty serum is nourishing the body from the inside out, bringing contributions to external appearance. As the cosmetics, there are several different types of nutri according to the objective that is sought.


Dermagen iQ provides sun protection

It decreases the problem of those whos skin burn easily in the sun and prolongs the tan; this nutricosmetic is usually formed of vitamin E and beta-carotene. More beautiful skin and to get rid of spots and sagging, vitamins C, E and collagen are great allies. These nutrients are indispensable in a nutricosmetic that promises a more beautiful skin.

The weakness of the skin can often mean that there is some vitamin deficiency in the body, which is offset by a nutricosmetic containing Omega 3, iron and vitamins A and E. Cucumber Extract, it is a supplement based in this serum in its purest origin. It has thermogenic properties, which means that it contributes to the acceleration of skin metabolism with soon aid in skin glowing process.

For those who think it’s just taking it apply only one time and can now go out without sunscreen, the thing is not so. It acts as enhancers, and must be taken in conjunction with other healthy habits like regular exercise and balanced diet. Treatment with Dermagen iQ, as well as for conventional cosmetics, only begins to show effects and real effectiveness after a full month of use. The recommendation is to apply it for at least three months, or according to package directions. In the case of protection from sunlight, it is ideal to start to be applied three months before exposure to best effect.

Dermagen iQ – To treat pimpules and blackheads

A well-kept skin is much more than just something good beauty point of view, but rather a show of good health. So it is very important that you seek to prevent your face is full of acne and other problems. In this regard, products such as Dermagen iQ can be very useful.

The main causes of the formation of pimples, blackheads and other skin problems are:

  • Excessive oiliness of the skin;
  • Stress;
  • Clogged pores;
  • Hormonal imbalance;
  • Hereditary factors;
  • Diet high in fat and sugar as excess butter, snacks and sweets.
  • Use of drugs such as cortisone, barbiturates, iodine or bromine based syrups;
  • Problems in the ovaries;
  • Cigarette;
  • Use of oily cosmetics such as foundations and moisturizers
  • As the acnase can help you?

Pimples and blackheads can appear at any age and if not treated properly can progress to more serious injuries, so it is very important that people should have a thorough medical evaluation to receive the best treatment and prevent scars. It is a line of products is intended to overcome the problems of acne, blackheads and pimples. This is one of the most efficient products for the treatment of all types of acne, because it was developed by subject matter experts, who encontrarm formula to prevent these appear.

Who does not remember teenage years, where the face and body were full of acne, blackheads and pimples? Surely, this was a constant problem in the lives of many people (and still is in some cases!). In certain situations, acne disappears over time, but overall, it needs to be treated! This line of products is currently showing as the most effects and accessible because its formula allows the problem of acne, blackheads and pimples are treated properly.

This does not mean that you should go out and buy any product from Acnase line and find that will wake up your face style “baby’s bottom” the other day. More severe cases of acne need the help of a dermatologist, which often indicates the Acnase goods.

Moreover, their use should be constant, because the Acnase part of a long-term treatment and not something palliative. Getting eliminate acne problem often takes time.

In addition, the only contraindication found in the use of Acnase is in cases of hypersensitivity to benzoyl peroxide, which is their main asset. Easy to apply and fantastic results, Acnase can singificar the end of your pimples and blackheads.


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