Cosmetics and skin care, which is to have a really visible effect and positive impact on health is truly a science. New methods and approaches, the use of new, exclusive materials, the possibility of shifting away – so it looks modern cosmetic care of the 21st century. What was true 10 years ago and what was considered the peak gradually fits in diameter and also highlights the public eye comes new trends? Trends are directly laying the foundations for a new generation of cosmetic care. One of them is the use of precious cosmetics, Celleral. Discover even more exclusive materials, which can be regarded virtually as an elixir of youth.


Celleral helps the skin after sunbathing

Summer is in full swing and most of us are increasingly exposed to sunlight. The sun provides the body with the necessary vitamin D and has a very positive effect on our psyche. Sometimes it can happen that a stay in the sun a little blow over and your skin turns red and feel the uncomfortable burning and itching. Do not despair, for these moments there’s a new, highly effective soothing serum, the Celleral after sunbathing that your skin is guaranteed to relieve!

This anti-aging cream has a unique recipe. It contains three basic active ingredients: Gatuline In-Tense, Glucare S and Trylagen PCB. They have been carefully selected and combined so that their synergistic effect for optimal effect, resulting in skin care sunning stressed.

Celleral after-sun skin soothes, moisturizes and helps regenerate skin cells damaged by sunlight. This serum excels exceptionally fast and efficient absorption deep into the skin, so soon after application you will feel a noticeable relief from unpleasant burning, tension and redness of sunburn! After extra sun, it unifies skin tone in the presence of pigmentation spots and helps prevent premature aging of the skin.


Celleral hydrates the outer layers of the skin

Going on vacation? Then surely intensely you are wondering what to pack. Here are a few useful tips. You can throw oil painkillers and natural toothpaste with fluoride. After sunbathing, try Celleral, a single-fruity mask that fits easily into a small bag. For dry lips, take a balm to perfectly refresh the lips. It also relieves body aches and muscle. It contains the best natural helper in the fight against pain. In combination with the Indian mallow, these plants provide lasting relief from the general body aches.

It contains natural elements, which effectively combats the bacteria that cause decay and other infections. Preventing the formation of plaque and reduces halitosis. Thanks to antibacterial effects to treat inflammation, helps to stop bleeding. This bar-based anti-aging cream has been specially designed to moisturise and revitalize lips. Gives the skin back its elasticity, hydrates the outer layers of the skin and fights the signs of aging. It which strengthens the skin to naturally produce collagen is contained in microcapsules, which release it gradually and thus acts throughout the day and night. It would seem that the issue of maintaining proper hydration and the flow of water in our skin is only a matter of hot summer days. But make no mistake, since the introduction of different types of heating and air conditioning lurking risks desert climate in any ordinary interior. And the transitions between such environments, dry or, conversely, wet winters outdoors, then a really hard time the whole organism.


  • Gatuline In-Tense
  • Glucare S
  • Trylagen PCB

Price and package

One pack contains 1 ounce (30 mL) cream and the pricing packages are:

  • 1 pack – $59.95
  • 2 packs – $99.95
  • 3 packs – $149.95

Attention, not dry out in the winter!

Ideal for the human body is a situation where the room air temperature is between 20 and 21 ° C (in the bedroom about 5 ° C less) and the relative humidity in the range of 40-60% (where 0% represents the absolute dry air and 100 % then perfectly moist air is thick with steam). But just heating season in winter is the reason that the humidity in your home drops below 40%, in extreme cases even below 20%. Dry air causes congestion, edema and dryness of mucous membranes, mucosal impairment of immune barrier, so that there is frequent diseases of the upper and lower airways. It leads to feelings of nasal congestion and recurrent, especially in children. Drying of skin often results in the formation of chronic skin inflammation and eczema. Due to excessive perspiration occurs in the dry air of fatigue, physical depression, loss of efficiency and increased thirst.

The optimum moisture content in the air is not only important for the respiratory system, but also the skin and eyes. Dry eye condition appears when the tear film stops moisten and macerate eye surface. The cause of dry eye may be unsuitable composition of tears or their insufficient production; often these problems occur precisely because of excessive evaporation of the tear film in rooms with central heating.

Quite a few of us every year in the winter struggling with dry, cracked skin on the hands, which often become red, inflamed and leads to unpleasant surface. How to prevent these difficulties? How to select a care? And what sunscreen should I choose? On the market this season can buy a new hand cream from the brand Celleral, which specializes in hypoallergenic cosmetics designed, among other things. Celleral treats the skin well of of adults as well as children.


Celleral restores the skin barrier

Celleral contains Gatuline In-Tense, which promotes the recovery of the protective skin barrier. Like other products and brand Celleral actively investigating the cause of dry and itchy skin, which was disrupted protective skin barrier. This property lacks many other products. Another advantage is the rapid absorption into the skin without the adhesive film on the skin. An important component of the cream is also Glucare S, which reduces the tension of the skin and creates a first barrier which prevents water loss.

To what extent we can achieve smooth skin is obviously not only due to the quality of the cream, but also very caring for their skin. Hands are necessary to protect via gloves, atopic should however be avoided knitted and synthetic materials. Patients with skin problems should immediately wash the skin after the Celleral soften. For patients with dry and chapped skin it is also advisable to lubricate your hands with this cream can cause long term. For night care, it is recommended cream with a high content of Glucare-S.

How often people with healthy skin should lubricate your hands? It is individual matter, depending on what their profession or hobby activities are concerned devotes much time they spend outdoors and so on. However, it is appropriate to apply it once or twice daily, or every time, when you feel a certain dryness of skin. Celleral is suitable for children without age restrictions. However, quite young children are usually dry handsets not suffer; the problem occurs only in preschool, or school children. Another advantage is that it does not contain urea or urea, and therefore does not burn even when lubricating cracked skin sites.

Celleral delivers engery and freshness to skin

It is of crucial importance in anti-age cosmetics. The contents of Celleral in caring preparations gives the skin necessary hydration, elasticity able to support skin to restore and ensure the overall toning and skin elasticity. Also contributes to the eventual withdrawal of pores, soften wrinkles and skin revive and brighten. Stem cells are known to the public primarily in connection with arthritis and one of the modern methods of treating it. However, there are plant stem cells, which also play an important role. In cosmetics, there are involved in maintaining silky smooth and silky skin wrinkle free and can need to activate the natural production of collagen in the skin – in the struggle with age and represent another powerful weapon.

Hyaluronic acid among the traditional raw material in cosmetics is used in the last few years. This rare acid is initially located in the body, which for example is contained in tissues or cartilage, but also in the skin. Due to her aging but declining, it is reflected on our skin as moisture loss, dryness and less elasticity and appearance of the first wrinkles. It is therefore important to deliver it to the body again, and why not in the first phase is through creams. Celleral containing hyaluronic acid promotes skin hydration and elasticity, is also able to protect cells from unfavorable external influences and deliver her and the freshness and energy.

When selecting the appropriate care cosmetics, we must take care composition in addition to the promised one more crucial thing. That is demonstrable origin of all ingredients. Only through the content of the material with a verifiable origin, we can be really sure that everything is on the packaging, the product is really represented and also in the best quality. Indeed, quality products and know by the birth certificate with a unique number, which declares top quality and content of active substances.


Celleral for neck skin care

Even though the neckline is often the first place where anyone looks, and the skin on the neck is sometimes reliable indicator of aging of women, few of us cares about these topics thoroughly and regularly. Remember therefore its daily facial skin care, even on the neck. Its youthful appearance will add to the beauty.

Appearance neck and neck line, spoils due to the three main causes. The first of these are pigmented spots that frequently result from excessive summer sun. The other imperfections are premature wrinkles. Those in these areas appear e.g. due to lower content of sebaceous glands, skin is thus more prone to dryness and wrinkling than the skin on the face. The third problem then it may be flabby skin that disrupts the contours of the face and neck skin tightening. Celleral maintains the youthful appearance of these games, it is not difficult. Just know how to do it.

If you care about the neck and chest is not the part of your everyday skin care routine, initially simply extending standard facial skin care also for those areas. Evening care always starts with make-up off. You should not forget to get rid of dirt, sebum or the rest of perfume and neck, and décolleté. Celleral is also suitable to facial skin care, so you use it on your face. Then it was just the tonic also treat neck and chest. Eventually it becomes the care of these parts of course. More intensive care offering specially created this serum that contains all active substances in a very high concentration, thereby ensuring more rapid and visible effect. It can be used independently, but generally it is recommended after the treatment the skin treated by the conventional hydration, tanning or anti-aging cream.

Celleral increases skin’s firmness and elasticity

Highly active substances are contained in it, promoting a stronger muscle tone, thus contributing to a visibly firmer and more elastic skin. Thanks to its fine texture is applied well and very easily absorbed. Celleral is to maintain youthful skin, it has a protection factor (SPF) of at least 30 that protects the skin from premature aging caused by UVA and UVB rays and pigmented spots. This cream provides excellent protection in addition to hydration nourishes dry skin and leaves an unpleasant greasy feeling. Recommended areas of use are the face, neck and chest. The cream is applied to swirl at least 20 to 30 minutes before exposure to the direct sunlight.

Celleral under the skin gets much larger amounts of active substances and thereby to amplify the effect of any of the cream. The regular use of this cream moreover actively helps to smooth out wrinkles and contributes to the overall rejuvenation. It has a unique composition guarantees nicer and smoother skin immediately after showering. The new care composition with a high content of natural oils helps protect the skin from drying during showering and restores its protective layer to maintain moisture. It contains a revolutionary technology. This technology gives skin moisturizing ingredients and some natural skin lipids. This means that complement lipids lost during washing thanks to this latest cosmetic technology, which contains fatty acids and natural oils, such as sunflower or soya.


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