Is Alpha X Boost Scam Or Fake?

Alpha X Boost

Are you performing workouts since a long time and your muscle size is not increasing? Do you want to achieve brute force for muscles? Are you worried about muscle fatigue and slow recovery? Now, no need to wait anymore, a great supplement has arrived, keep on reading to know further about that.Alpha X Boost

Many people, especially those who have nothing or nothing to do with a gym and physical activity in general, debate or generate controversy over the use of supplements to gain volume. The truth is that the supplement is necessary, essential we could say, especially when food is no longer sufficient to provide the body with the nutrients required for its transformation. At present, in the market we can find a number of supplements that help to supply (redundancy) this need for nutrients, unfortunately, not all offer the same results and in most cases are not even good to give some kind of advantage,

Alpha X Boost is not one of them, in fact, it is one of the most popular supplements with following ingredients in the world of fitness:

  • Horny Goat Weed Extract
  • Tongkat Ali Extract
  • Saw Palmetto Extract
  • Orchic Substance
  • Wild Yam Extract
  • Sarsaparilla
  • Nettle Extract
  • Boron Amino Acid Chelate

Due to this impressive formula, most optimal results can be achieved once it begins to be ingested by the advanced athlete.

Three important factors with Alpha X Boost

Along with Alpha X Boost, the patience, perseverance and a lot of discipline are three of the main aspects that a person must have in order to achieve exceptional results when it comes to undergoing the painful but at the same time comforting process of transforming the body, especially if one seeks the gain of muscle mass.

It is no longer a secret that a muscular and defined body is achieved through this supplement and three pillars that are essential for more optimum profits:

  • The first is training, in which the muscle groups worked are practically destroyed based on pure and hard effort.
  • The second is rest, in which the muscle fibers recover from the exercise performed, allowing their growth.
  • Finally and that is undoubtedly the most important aspect, Alpha X Boost, in which the body receives the necessary energies to perform to the maximum in the daily routine, as well as supply the muscles with the nutrients necessary for its proper development.

Alpha X Boost Benefit

Its main function is to provide ATP, a substance required to give energy to muscles and promote their proper development. A 70-kilogram person may take Alpha X Boost, of which 95% is in the muscles, while the remaining 5% is intimately divided into the heart, sperm, brain and retina.

The use of this supplement can help to achieve more significant changes after several days or weeks of use, among which are:

  • Increased muscle strength: Athletes who take it can increase overall muscle size by as much as 25%.
  • Strength Gain: Various studies have shown that it is ideal for gaining brute force. Athletes who take it can lift 25% more weight, compared to others who do not ingest it.
  • Improves performance: It is also excellent for endurance athletes, as it allows them to improve their speed marks and distances traveled.
  • Decreased Muscle Fatigue: It was found that it stops ammonia production and reduces intracellular and blood pH that have a close relationship in fatigue, during and after workouts. In this way, a better performance is achieved and at the same time a greater recovery, which gives way to the gain of more muscle.

One of the key benefits of this product is that it is a natural supplement that, as mentioned above, is produced by the body itself, allowing its consumption to be feasible without causing any type of intoxication or damage to both internal and external tissues. Many studies have also found that it helps lower level of bad cholesterol in the blood, improves cognitive functions and protects the brain from neurodegenerative diseases.Alpha X Boost side effects

How Alpha X Boost acts in body?

The gain of muscle mass by the consumption of Alpha X Boost is not a process that can be explained in a way, because after its consumption are generated a series of reactions both physical or chemical with which most of the benefits already mentioned are obtained and many others are described below:

  • Once it enters the body, these are the changes that occur and that lead to volume gain at a faster rate.
  • When it reaches the muscle mass, it absorbs the water accumulated in the body to hydrate the cells of the same, virtually affecting the weight gain, as it literally leads to fluid retention. However, in the long run, this process is more beneficial, because the more hydrated the cell is, the faster the synthesis of the proteins that lead to the recovery of muscle fibers is carried out.
  • It stimulates the production of IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor) and MGF (Mechanical Growth Factor), two anabolic hormones that develop within the muscle and have a high influence on the development of stem cells or satellites of lean mass.
  • It works as a protector of muscle cells, due to its antioxidant effect that delays the oxidation of the tissue.
  • It improves the production of glycogen, a carbohydrate that is used as food for muscles.
  • As mentioned above, it also encourages the regeneration of ATP which plays an important role at the beginning of physical exercise at high intensities and in short durations, as it provides energy to the muscles to carry out these activities.

A research results about Alpha X Boost consumption

A study carried out in two groups, the first of which made them ingest Alpha X Boost for four weeks, while the second was given a placebo. A comparison was then made on the weight of muscle composed primarily of fast-twitch fibers and slow-twitch fibers, before and after the delivery of the substance. At the same time, the first group was also divided. Some of the people were physically trained, and the rest had a sedentary lifestyle. At the end, it was found that the muscle perimeter of the slow contraction fibers did not have any changes caused by supplementation or exercise.

However, in contrast to this, slow contraction muscles did show the following reactions:

  • People that only consumed Alpha X Boost had a 5% increase in total lean mass.
  • On the other hand, this increase in perimeter and muscle weight was 10% of the total weight in the people who ingested this supplement and trained, so the results were much more remarkable when combined.

In conclusion, its supplementation requires physical training to be able to offer more optimal results. It makes sense, because as with the diet itself (as long as it is well structured) it is possible to gain muscle mass; exercise improves these gains in a surprising way.

This study confirmed that slow-twitch or resistance fibers are not substantially affected by its consumption. The results were also checked in men, after a group of untrained subjects were taken who had to undergo a muscular training plan, at the same time that they ingested its doses during a week.

How to consume Alpha X Boost to increase muscle mass?

After four weeks of exercise and supplementation, subjects increased their satellite muscle cells by 11%. On the other hand, and following the same plan, in subjects with the same physical conditions, but without Alpha X Boost consumption, there were no changes in the production of these cells, which would explain the rapid advance in the first four weeks, this would be stagnant after passing the period, which did not happen with the first group, which could continue to progress further during the time it took to complete the study.

In summary, in order to appreciate the results in better conditions, based on its supplementation, it is extremely necessary to perform strength and muscle exercises, but also the following guidelines should be followed:

  • It should be ingested along with rapidly absorbed carbohydrates and proteins to propitiate the regeneration of muscle fibers. This is why carbohydrates and carbohydrate consumption are highly recommended, and in per-training times (before and after), when meals are carried out to obtain energy and then to replenish the glycogen stores and proteins necessary for the recuperation.
  • It may be taken during rest days, although the dose should be limited to one per day, preferably accompanied by breakfast so that it has the expected effects.
  • However, and taking into account the previous point, it is not always advisable to make use of this practice, due to the already mentioned loss of effectiveness that entails the abuse of the compound.
  • To avoid dehydration, it is best to consume it with an isotonic drink or protein shake that also contribute sugars, so that two birds are killed with one stone.

Alpha X Boost side effects

The appearance of side effects is mainly due to the abuse of Alpha X Boost, so if taken moderately and with temporary suspensions, these can be easily avoided. Well says the saying “everything is bad in excess”.

These are some of the contraindications after the excessive use of Alpha X Boost:

  • Suppression of natural synthesis: Its excessive consumption for prolonged times can lead to the body stop producing growth hormones by itself. Although there is no data to confirm that this production can be definitive in the long term, it is known that after the suspension of this supplement, the natural generation of testosterone returns to normal after a few days.
  • Kidney disease development: Excess intake of this supplement could increase protein requirements between 0.1 to 0.2 grams per kilogram per day in an athlete weighing approximately 80 kilos. By doing the math, this represents a total of between 8 and 16 grams of extra proteins needed per day for proper growth. However, at the same time, this is a much greater effort for the kidneys, which could trigger kidney conditions in athletes.
  • Cramping and damage to muscles and joints: It is known to be a substance that requires liquids to function better. This would not only cause fluid retention, but also dehydration and electrolyte imbalance, causing cramps and joint damage. Although the relationship between Alpha X Boost consumption and cramps could not be found, the manifestation of these became more frequent in high-performance athletes who performed exercises at high intensities.
  • Weight gain: It is not that it leads to accumulation of adipose tissue, but because of retained fluid, there may be an imbalance with increasing body mass, which is often confused with muscle gain.

Eventually, excessive consumption may lead to a decline in the efficiency of important nutrition, as the body becomes more resistant to it, so doses must be increased to cause the same effects; however, this is counterproductive for obvious reasons. To avoid this, it is advisable to suspend its use every two or three months for two or four weeks.

Alpha X Boost conclusion

We can observe that the consumption of Alpha X Boost does indeed have a potentiating effect on increasing testosterone, even if this is in the long term. Although its consumption can be done without any problem, we must not forget the possible side effects that have been studied so far, as well as the precautions to take into account in case of any deficiency in health.

The greatest problem of Alpha X Boost is perhaps for a large number of people it may be difficult to maintain supplementation based on it, because to start getting results requires a prolonged period of time. And not only that, but it also requires to be supplemented with exercise sessions frequently so that the body has reasons to oxidize fats, since its consumption alone does not bring any kind of benefit in terms of the elimination of adipose tissue.Alpha X Boost review

Where to buy Alpha X Boost

The price is not disclosed openly, but you can place order cheaper at its official page to get the product with most original ingredients.

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